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Tokyo Shopaholic

games intro

Want to be a big party queen? Want to be Tokyo's most fashionable dress match queen? Today we introduce you to a fun girl Mini Game. You can not only dress up but also go shopping crazily. That sounds fucking attractive. All right! You can go to Tokyo's most fashionable shopping mall to buy your favorite clothes and accessories, and then go to a fashion party to become the focus of the audience. What are you waiting for? Quickly join the game and experience it!

games playing

mouse action

games target

Dress up for the characters, if you feel good, don't forget to post the picture to the comments below the page and share it with you!

games process

When the game is loaded, click the play button-click New Game-then select the character and click OK-then enter character information and click OK twice-click Skip-finally click Yws,please skip to start the game

Tokyo Shopaholic

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