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The Worst Game Ever 7

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[astonishment] 24 scientific unexplainable Spring Festival events! Kendi game Spring Festival version again, are you ready to accept the challenge of pit dad? Sending red envelopes! New year's weather, red envelopes for you to rob. If you dare to come, we dare to send! Chinese New year, when other people's homes watching the Spring Festival Gala, you should go to a sister paper, waiting for the New year countdown, watching movies, counting stars? The world is so big, "the worst Game of all time" takes you to play: fight lion Huang Feihong, Road met robber, next door Lao Wang came to rescue, home sales and then door. A series of funny and funny Spring Festival fun, wrapped in the atmosphere of joy to come, what are you waiting for? In this special Spring Festival, Pink 7 will bring you infinite joy, endless surprise, absolutely make you laugh!

games playing

mouse action

games target

Use your head, but don't keep getting stuck.

games process

When the game is loaded, click the play button - then click the checkpoint - then click play to start the game.

The Worst Game Ever 7

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