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The Goddess Beyonce Pregnant Fashion

games intro

Beyonc é is a pregnant woman but needs to be at the salon for work reasons, but wants to be casual and stylish at home. This time, her makeup artist said: I'm Laura, a makeup artist for you. My job is to design the perfect makeup for you. I'm Nikki, a stylist, said the stylist. My job is to match your clothes and shapes. Beyonce: OK, thank you. You are the best friends in the circle to recommend your modeling room to me. Please help me to design for different occasions! Makeup artist and stylist say together: OK! Let's get to work! So Beyonce is designed to match red carpet and home fashion, Beyonce must be satisfied with the OK Oh. Come and help us.

games playing

mouse action

games target

Reasonable operation, dress up for characters.

games process

When the game is loaded, click PLAY-then click the play button to start the game

The Goddess Beyonce Pregnant Fashion

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