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Runoff Blackjack

games intro

A very fun card game. Black Jack, also known as Black Jack, originated in France and has been spread all over the world. 21:00 can be seen in casinos around the world, and 21:00 began to move into the online age as the Internet developed, with gaming companies in the Philippines, for example, having the game. The game is played by 2 to 6 people, using 52 cards other than the size of the king, the player's goal is to make the number of cards in the hands of the sum of no more than 21:00 and as large as possible, what else to wait for, come on.

games playing

Mouse operation, click on the mouse game, click on the Hit card, click on Stand flip. The number of cards in the hand does not exceed 21:00 and is closest to 21:00.

games target

Try to get the cards close to 21:00 and win.

games process

When the game is loaded, click PLAY twice-then click Easy/Middle/Hard-and then click Deal to start the game

Runoff Blackjack

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