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Empty Big Dragon

games intro

Empty dragon only uses a deck of cards, a total of 52, cards face up, in eight rows. Four stack cards are created by removing cards from the eight columns: four "available units" in the upper left corner, in which the cards can be temporarily played, and four "recovery units" in the upper right corner, in which the winning stack is constructed. Drag cards from the bottom of each column and move as follows: from column to available unit. Each available unit can only play one card at a time; from column to column (or from available unit to column). Only the lowest cards can be moved in each column, and the pressed cards cannot be moved directly. All cards in the transit unit on the left can be moved.

games playing

Mouse operation, mouse click drag cards to move, according to the descending sequence of cards in turn.

games target

Play cards reasonably, successful completion of the dragon it!

games process

The game loaded click [start]-then click × close window-finally click [start] to start the game

Empty Big Dragon

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