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Crazy Animal City Investigation

games intro

If you have seen Mad Animal City, you will be moved by the unyielding determination and hopeful enthusiasm of the Bunny Officer inside. If you haven't seen it, I would suggest that you go and see this movie, which is really good. Now let's go to the animal city in the game to help the Rabbit police officers and friends to find all the clues to solve the case! In the game, the little rabbit can jump the river, surmount the barrier, and the buffalo can get the higher things, and the fox can cross the sand pond to use their respective skills to find clues in the animal city!?

games playing

Mobile switch characters, key / mouse click to control movement. Mouse click on the upper left corner of the figure to switch.

games target

Help small animals find all the clues.

games process

After the game is loaded, click the play button to enter the game.

Crazy Animal City Investigation

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