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Beach Shopper

games intro

You want to be the party queen? Do you want to be an eye-catching star on the beach? Today small knitting to bring you a very fun girls Mini Game, the game you can not only make up for yourself, but also crazy shopping oh! Doesn't that sound attractive? Yes, you can go to the beach mall to buy anything you want, and then go to a party and be the focus. What are you waiting for? join the game quickly!

games playing

Mouse operation, mouse click on items to make drinks, click on clothing to dress up, the other way of operation left to the player to explore oh

games target

Make money, buy things, dress up nicely, attend parties, and become the focus of attention. Don't forget to share the pictures in the comments at the bottom of the page.

games process

Once the game is loaded, click the play button - then click on [new game] - then select the character and click on [OK] - then change the name, age and constellation and click [OK] - then click [OK] - and then click [OK] - finally click [skip] to start the game.

Beach Shopper

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