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Alien Planet Tower Defense

games intro

At the end of the last century, an outer space exploration spacecraft failed to fly to a planet and had to land on an unknown planet, codenamed LostPlanet., that man had never been to. Due to the serious failure of the spacecraft, the spacecraft's parts were scattered all over the planet during the forced landing, and the astronauts had to search for the parts and fragments to complete the escape. But did not think that the planet is a strange world, he had to face waves of monster attacks, he can escape from the sky? Kill the ultimate Boss? Everything is in the game.

games playing

mouse action

games target

Reasonable operation, building tower defense, eliminating monsters, smooth entry.

games process

The game loaded click [start the game]-first click on the shutdown button-then click the [initial place] button-then click [unlock]-then click the skull button-finally click on the shutdown button to start the game

Alien Planet Tower Defense

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